Woolen Knitting Yarns – Traditional Spun – Homespun – Roving – Canada North America

Briggs & Little carries an inventory of 100% Canadian made pure wool yarns in 8 weights with colour ranges up to 46 shades in each one. Our yarns are suitable for hand-knitting, machine-knitting, crocheting, and weaving. Sizes vary from 24sts to 10cm (4 in.) and 1720 Yds/lb, to 11sts to 10cm (4 in.) and 340 Yds/lb. We also have a Classic Aran weight available in white only, and an 80%/20% wool nylon blend yarn available in 11 shades. Our wool spun and roving unspun knittin yarns are suitable for knitting, crocheting, and weaving

Knitting Catalogs & Free Knitting Patterns

Briggs & Little, a Canadian yarn manufacturer, has a selection of various single knitting patterns and catalogs in various weights. Check out our Canada Pride and free knitting patterns. Some of our wool knitting patterns include Christmas Stockings, Heavy Wool Socks, Gros Bas, Family Thrummed Mittens

Complimentary Accessories

We have woolen knitting bags, Eucalan woolwash, and carded wools for thrumming.